January 23, 2010

Danner is a mid level size companies that specialize in making snake proof boots. Besides being fashionable, Danner boots are relatively inexpensive, for men, and come in about three hundred different types of brown. Here is a brief overview of Danner snake proof boots.

One reason Danner snake proof boots are inexpensive is that they used fake leather and also suede that they treat by stretching, roughing and softening again in a water mixture. Fake leather is hard for snakes to bite through but the way Danner treats its leather helps to make sure that the boot will be fashionable and can last up to five years.

Danner snake proof boots are made for men. They have boots that stop at a man’s lower calves, and ankle boots. There are men who buy Danner boots just for their boot cuts and because it is a beautifully made product. Also, Danner snake proof boots for men are flat heel and are scuffed, which offers extra protection against snakes who bites.

Danner snake proof boots offer three hundred different types of brown for their boots. Brown boots will help a person blend into the outdoor scenery and not attract a snake’s attention. Danner comes up with different types of brown colors every year and patents them: Brown#128, dark brown #143, red dark brown#19, light brown #58, and #78 red brown dye.