Snake boots are increasingly common in many parts of the world.  While there are some arguments and some controversy about these boots, there’s no argument about the fact that a great pair of snake proof boots can be great protection.  I’m an individual who is terrified of snakes (about my only huge phobia), so as much as I love being out in nature – the thought of tromping through high grass by the river isn’t very appealing knowing that there could be a lot of snakes around.

The controversy doesn’t come from whether or not this footwear stops snake bites – the general consensus is that these definitely work.  The controversy is that some people think normal rubber boots or normal cowboy boots are more than enough to stop any venomous viper from injecting you.  Sometimes that might be the case, but is that something you’re willing to risk an over $10,000 medical bill for?

Snake boots should be worn because they provide a level of safety and security.  In addition to this, people should wear boots in areas that have a lot of venomous snakes because they can save you from terrible hospital bills.

A third reason for wearing snake boots is pretty simple: they’re styling.  There are some very good looking snake boots that can be worn to a formal country dance as easily as in the swamp or outside.

Hopefully you find this post helpful, and thanks for reading!